‘Easily one of the best vacuum cleaners’

“It’s one of those little things that you can’t explain.It’s just the best.It is an amazing vacuum cleaner.It can do everything, you can have a few of them on the floor, it’s easy to clean and it is quiet,” said Alessandro Giavazzi, who has owned his own vacuum cleaner for six years.“It can run on batteries and the water is […]

Why I love vacuum cleaners

I love cleaning vacuums and vacuuming at the same time.And I also love vacuum cleaning.But I’m a big fan of the one vacuum cleaner that can help me do it without a lot of fuss.This year, I bought the S.W.A.T. model, which is the first of its kind.It’s a compact and quiet vacuum that will fit in my pocket and […]

How to Use Antique Vacuum Cleaners

Vintage vacuum cleaners can be hard to find these days, but a new brand has come out of nowhere to make a comeback.It’s called Antique, and it has just opened in London.Antique Vacuums started as a Kickstarter project, with backers pledging money to build an all-in-one vacuum cleaner.Then, in April, the company opened a store in London’s Southbank Centre.Antique has […]

Which is the best-selling vacuum cleaner in Australia?

New research has found that the best selling vacuum cleaner is not the one you might expect.The latest research from Essential Research says the top three selling vacuum cleaners are all new to the market.It found that, of the 13,500 Australian consumers who have tried one of the four vacuum cleaners listed, just over one in four (22.5 per cent) […]


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