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Hackers have stolen more than 3 million credit cards, more than a third of the total number stolen, from a credit card company

Hackers have stolen more than 3 million credit cards, more than a third of the total number stolen, from a credit card company

Hacker News article Hacker news – The latest in a series of hackings that are targeting a range of online services including credit card companies.

Hackers are currently targeting Visa and Mastercard, the latter of which has been hit with over $10 million in stolen funds from a hack last week. 

On Wednesday, two hackers stole the stolen funds on an online platform called CryptoCurrency.

According to CoinDesk, CryptoCurrency, a website used to exchange cryptocurrencies and other tokens, is the most targeted site by hackers. 

The company claims to have over $3.5 million in its wallet. 

In a statement, CryptoCorp said the theft was “part of a wave of targeted credit card theft” in the past few months.

The company added that it “will work to protect customers against future card theft.” 

The statement did not provide any additional details, but it has since been updated to say that the breach involved a large amount of money, which CryptoCorp believes was “the majority of its funds.” 

“Our security team is working to quickly and securely recover these funds,” the statement said. 

Cryptocurrency has been used to purchase goods and services, including food, drugs, and a mobile gaming app.

It has been hacked before.

In October, hackers accessed CryptoCorp’s website, stole $1.4 million in credit card information and then released it on the internet, according to a report in The New York Times. 

Last month, two Russian hackers broke into CryptoCorp and stolen over $50,000 from its wallets, and another hack was reported in August, with hackers taking $5 million from a wallet that had been used by $5 million to purchase the mobile game Voyager. 

Hacker attacks are generally targeted at online banking companies, as well as retailers, retailers have become targets of hackers in the recent past. 

It is not clear if any of the funds are being used to pay for goods, but in a recent blog post from CryptoCorp, it says the company has begun to make investments in its “virtual credit card service.” 

Cryptocoins customers can choose to pay with Bitcoin, or Ether, and they can also use the company’s Ethereum platform. 

“We have partnered with some of the top blockchain startups in the industry, including, Ledger, and CoinBase, and are working on many more partnerships to improve our service, including building a new blockchain service with the likes of Bancor, ShapeShift, and Zcash,” CryptoCorp wrote. 

According to the company, CryptoCoins customers “can access their credit card details directly from their wallets, with no further verification needed.” 

Hackers have been targeted before, but this is the first time they’ve targeted a major online service. 

Over the past week, more data has been stolen from more than 300 sites that are known to be used by hackers, according the Associated Press. 

These sites include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, YouTube, Snapchat, Paypal, Tumblr, Reddit, WordPress, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instafab.


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