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How to avoid being a robot in your garage?

How to avoid being a robot in your garage?

An all-new vacuum cleaner is being developed by a company in the United States, with hopes it could be the world’s first self-driving vacuum cleaner.

The company, called Gugul, says the Gugulo can be programmed to deliver different levels of vacuum and has been in the development stage since 2015.

Its makers say it can deliver a high level of cleaning without requiring any human intervention.

“Our team at Guguleo has been working on a completely autonomous vacuum cleaner that can drive itself autonomously to vacuum your garage,” CEO Ryan Oster said.

“We are aiming for the highest level of quality vacuum cleaning available in the world.”

He says the product could help save lives and save money.

“The goal of our team is to create a self-aware vacuum cleaner for the human-machine interface,” he said.

Gugulo’s product is a compact vacuum cleaner designed for homes and apartments.

“It’s not a full-sized, full-size vacuum, it’s just the basic vacuum cleaner with a motor that can deliver an extremely high level for an incredibly low price,” Mr Oster told ABC News.

The Gugulu is a small electric vacuum cleaner but it has a range of 200 metres.

Its maker says it can be used for a range, from household chores to cleaning.

Mr Oster says the company is targeting the US market, which is where the technology has been tested the most.

“In the US, the market is a little bit more niche and niche vacuum cleaners have been successful,” he told ABC TV.

“There is a lot of interest from the general public to get into the market.”

But Mr Oter says he is confident that the product will be available for other markets as well.

“I think there’s potential for the consumer market as well,” he explained.

“Whether we get it to the US or elsewhere, I think it will be interesting to see.”


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