How to remove the smell of your favourite vacuum cleaner

How to remove the smell of your favourite vacuum cleaner

A man from Pune in India has invented a homemade vacuum cleaner that uses a specially designed filter.

The owner of the company, called Sirena, said the filter was meant to help in cleaning the outside of the vacuum cleaner.

Mr Sirenas wife, Ankit, is a professional cleaner, and the couple has a home vacuum cleaner in their kitchen.

“When we bought the house, we had a vacuum cleaner with the filter inside.

We were worried about the smell and decided to use it to clean the house,” Mr Sireson said.

“But we did not want to smell anything inside the house.”

The filter is a specially shaped metal tube and comes with a removable case that can be easily removed and used as a cleaning tool.

“It is made from aluminium, and it has a unique design,” Mr Goyal said.

Mr Goyal said the company started selling the product at the local flea market in November last year, and since then the company has sold to many customers around the country.

The filters are made of an aluminium alloy called aluminium-copper oxide.

The product costs about Rs 15,000 ($2,600) and it is sold at various retailers.

It is manufactured in India by a company called Bhandara.

“We have sold about 1,500 units to different customers,” Mr Jairaj said.

The filter has two slots for cleaning, and can be used to clean up all the surfaces in a vacuum.

Mr Jirad, the owner of Sireena, said he hopes to start manufacturing his own vacuum cleaner soon.

“I had to get the product in the market.

If we do not get it in the marketplace, it will be too late for me to make a living,” he said.


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