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New Zealand has its own version of the tinecon vacuum cleaner

New Zealand has its own version of the tinecon vacuum cleaner

New Zealand is reportedly making a tinecone vacuum cleaner.

The New Zealand Herald says it was developed by a company called Tineco, which has a large global presence in vacuum cleaners.

The vacuum cleaner is said to be the first in New Zealand to be equipped with a digital remote control.

The company was founded in 2016 by former British IT manager Richard J. O’Connor, and its website is listed as registered to a New Zealand address.

It says it makes “a range of innovative products for our clients”.

It describes the vacuum cleaner as “a stylish, versatile and highly portable machine that can be used for cleaning, dust collection and cleaning of appliances.”

It says the device is “a fully modular device that can easily be upgraded to meet the needs of your needs”.

Tinecon is based in the US and was launched in Canada last year.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says the tinescreen has been around for “several years” and is a “great example of how a small business can build a global brand.”

He says it is “important that New Zealanders feel connected to the world through their home.”

Key says he hopes New Zealand’s new product will “help to further engage with Kiwis and make them feel like part of our global community”.

New Zealand was last year ranked number two in the world for consumer satisfaction among the 51 countries surveyed by Consumer Reports, with an overall score of 70.


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