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The 5 best travel-friendly vacuum cleaners

The 5 best travel-friendly vacuum cleaners

BOSTON — The best travel vacuum cleaners for 2017 include the new Bosch Quiet V3, the new Silent, and the Bosch S7 and S7 Plus, according to the latest market research from U.S. consumer analytics company The NPD Group.

The market research firm said it’s the first time it’s analyzed the 2018 travel-specific vacuum market and found the Boscs Quiet V2 is the best travel brand, while the S7/S7 Plus are the best at the value-conscious consumer.

The vacuum brands are in a great position to win consumers, especially those who travel often, said Jim Gagnon, senior analyst for NPD.

He said travelers should also consider travel-related items like luggage, clothing and home goods that travel.

Bosch Quiet Vacuum is the most popular travel brand among the group, followed by Silent Vacuum and the S6 and S6 Plus.

It’s also the most sought-after among travelers in a consumer survey conducted in March by the NPD group.

The survey found that nearly 2 in 5 people who had used Bosch Vacuum had used it again in 2017.BOSCH S7 has emerged as a top performer in the travel-focused vacuum category with a 4.5% share, followed closely by the Bosches Quiet V1, which earned a 4% share.

The vacuum is the third most-used travel vacuum brand among consumers.BOROUGH SILENT Vacuum has emerged in the consumer market with a 3.5%, followed by the new S6, which has a 2.9% share in the category.

The category also includes the Silent Mini, Silent Plus and Silent Pro models, which are available in the new BOROUGH S6 model.

The Bosch Silent Luxury Vacuum came in third with a 2% share for the category and the new model, the S9, was the third-most popular travel-centric vacuum in 2017 among consumers, the survey found.BOUNCING VIBRATIONS, a division of Bosch Consumer, is the top travel-conscious vacuum brand with a 5.7% share of the market in the 2018 market.

The new Bosches Silent Max and Silents Silent Classic are in the top three.BOSTON, N.H. — The New England state has become the best place to get travel-oriented vacuum cleaners, according a new market research report from The NPM Group.

The state has more than 1,000 locations and has become home to the largest market for vacuum cleaners in the country.

The market research company said the market was growing in 2018 and that more than 70% of New England residents are using travel- and cleaning-related products at home.

The NPM report said the vacuum category grew 6.4% in 2018, while other travel-and-cleaning categories, like clothes, apparel and home products, grew 6%.

The NPD data, based on a survey of nearly 500 people in New England, showed travel-branded vacuum brands grew the most in New Hampshire, while most of the consumer-oriented category did not.

The travel-brand category was up 9.1% year-over-year, while consumer-driven categories like home goods and luggage grew 8.5%.BORICHON SILENT VENTURE is the leading travel-themed vacuum brand in the state, the NPM said.

The New Hampshire-based company’s growth rate is about 9.4%.BOSCO’S SILENT COVENANT has also grown strongly in the past year, growing nearly 11% year over year, the report said.

Bosco’s Silent Covenant is up 9% year to date.

The report said consumers are also turning to vacuum cleaners to provide a safer alternative to cleaning, with a 7.3% share among travelers.

Travel-related household items, including cleaning products, clothes and clothing accessories grew 7.6%.BEST BUY AND BEST DEAL: For the 2018 category, BORCHS Quiet Vac and Silenced Vacuum are the top sellers, while BORROW and BOSTONS Silent Covenance are the second- and third-best sellers, the market research group said.BASIC TRADING POSITIONS: The market for travel-aware vacuum cleaners has been growing in the U.K. and U.A.E., the report found.

Travel brands including Bosch, Bosch’s Quiet Vac, Bosches Silent Co, Silents Silent Plus, Silences Quiet Luxury and Silences Silent Platinum are among the most-popular travel-compatible vacuum brands in the UK.

Travel-oriented travel vacuum brands include Bosch Silent Co-Labs, Silenced Co-Manufacturers, Silented Co-Sensors and Silented Vacuum, the data showed.

The category includes the new Silent Lux


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