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This is the 1950s version of the Apple vacuum cleaner that you’re likely to see in 2018

This is the 1950s version of the Apple vacuum cleaner that you’re likely to see in 2018

A new vacuum cleaner could be on the way soon, with one of the world’s first models of the new Apple vacuum being unveiled at the International Auto Show next month.

Dubbed the “1950s” Apple vacuum, the model is being marketed by the UK’s Dyson vacuum cleaner company as “a revolutionary concept” and will be available on September 23 for £69.99 (€87.80).

The Apple vacuum will be able to deliver a maximum output of 1.5 liters per minute, the Dyson claims, though the company has not yet detailed the specs of the vacuum.

The company also says that the vacuum will feature a maximum lifespan of “30,000 hours”, though the actual lifespan of the device is unclear.

The 1950s Apple vacuum is a “revolutionary concept”, according to the company, which says that “it will bring the best of what the 1950-s was to today’s modern home with its revolutionary new features and technology.”

The vacuum is also designed to have a “long lifespan”, and will include an electronic “filter.”

Dyson’s vacuum, which is being built on a platform called the D-Wave 3, is currently being tested at the company’s factory in the United Kingdom, and will reportedly be available for purchase in September.

Dyson is hoping that the new model will help it sell more of its products in the U.K. and help boost its sales of the D2.

The brand already has an impressive portfolio of products in this segment, including the Dixie, a vacuum cleaner designed for people who like to spend time in their living rooms, as well as the D3, a device designed for the home, and the D4, a larger version of Dyson’s original vacuum cleaner.

D-Wave and Dyson declined to comment when reached by The Verge, but both companies have previously touted the advantages of their products.

Dryer makers like Dyson are likely hoping to use the new vacuum as a way to sell more products, and as a result, they are also pushing the device’s price down.

At $69.95, the Apple model is priced similarly to Dyson, though Dyson is offering a discount of $25 on its site to customers who pre-order the device.

The Dyson price is lower than many of the other dryers on the market, such as the HVAC vacuum, and also includes a free Dyson Cleanup Service with any order, which provides the cleaner with an opportunity to clean up a mess that has accumulated over time.

The Dyson device is also available in a few other ways.

The retailer will also be offering a free upgrade to the D15 to anyone who buys the Apple or D2, and D-wave is offering free shipments to anyone using its new D2 with any other Dyson product purchased from the retailer.

While it’s unclear if the new device will be a direct competitor to the Hvac vacuum, it is likely to be the first dryer with a cleaner that can deliver the same level of output as the current Dyson model.

Dyson already has a range of other products aimed at the cleaning and cleaning services market, including an air purifier, which uses steam to help clean the inside of your home, as a dryer for outdoor use, and a vacuum, as part of the company-wide “Dyson vacuum cleaning” program.


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