When you put the V8 in the car, the gas tank comes out

When you put the V8 in the car, the gas tank comes out

A new study has found that the EPA’s gas mileage goal of 28 miles per gallon is too optimistic, the Washington Post reported.

The study, conducted by a team at the University of California, Irvine, found that if the goal were based on actual vehicle mileage, the EPA would only get 37.5 miles per year from the V-8 in a vehicle like a Volkswagen Golf, according to The Washington Post.

Instead, the researchers used data from an earlier study by the EPA to determine how much of that extra mileage could be attributed to a new type of gas pump, which was more efficient.

The new study found that this new type, which has been on the market since 2008, can get about 25 percent of the EPA mileage from the fuel in a car like the Volkswagen Golf.

In other words, if you were to drive an average car for one year, and then swap the gas pump for a new one, you could get 25 percent more mileage than the EPA had originally estimated.

The researchers concluded that the extra mileage from this new gas pump could be as much as 15 percent of vehicle gas mileage, or about the same amount of gas as the EPA has used to calculate the EPA gas mileage target.

The EPA’s goal of 22.5 mpg is still too optimistic.

EPA gas-mileage goal based on current cars and vehicles article The EPA says it plans to publish the final rule in 2019, but it could take longer than that.

The rule will have to be revised, because the agency does not currently have enough data to know how much extra mileage the gas-powered cars will get, according the Washington Times.

That said, the agency says it hopes to get all of the information needed to determine the EPA fuel mileage goal by 2020, so it will be ready to release its final rule before then.


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