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Which pocket vacuum cleaner is best for cleaning up your belongings?

Which pocket vacuum cleaner is best for cleaning up your belongings?

Pocket vacuum cleaners can be used for cleaning and vacuuming, but the majority of people would prefer a handheld vacuum, according to a new survey.

The results were published in the journal Consumer Reports, and the survey found that 85 per cent of respondents would recommend a pocket vacuum, while 10 per cent would use a handheld.

Pocket vacuum cleaner: Which pocket?

Consumer Reports says a hand-held vacuum is better for cleaning items such as furniture, books, clothes, electronics and even the toilet.

What do you think?

Which pocket would you recommend to clean up your clothes?

What do the findings mean for the future of vacuum cleaners?

The survey, carried out by the firm, asked a total of 1,058 people in Australia whether they would recommend one of the following brands: Handy or Pocket?

The Pocket was the winner, with 56 per cent recommending the Pocket.

However, this was more than half the sample of respondents who were not familiar with the brand.

The survey found there were some big differences between the brand and its competitors.

For example, Pocket vacuum had a much higher sales rate, and it had a higher sales-per-purchase rate, than the Handy, while the Handys brand was the only one with a sales-to-sales ratio that was lower than the Pockets.

Other brands were slightly less popular, with the exception of the Handicap brand.

Which pocket is best?

Pocket was preferred to Handy by 62 per cent and the Pocket to Handier by 36 per cent, while Pocket was favoured to Handys by 34 per cent.

However Handy was also favoured to the Handies by 54 per cent while Handy had a smaller share of people recommending the Handiks.

Which vacuum cleaner should you buy?

The average price of a pocket and hand vacuum was $400.

The Pocket, which comes with a small cleaning brush and was launched in 2007, cost $499, while Handiys cost $1,299.


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