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Zero-tolerance policy against carpet cleaners is going too far, new federal rules say

Zero-tolerance policy against carpet cleaners is going too far, new federal rules say

CNNMoney — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) new guidelines for pet vacuum cleaners are going toofar, new guidelines say.

The agency says there should be a “zero tolerance” policy toward carpet cleaners, meaning that a vacuum cleaner owner must never clean a pet in any way, even if that pet is in a bowl, a chair, or even in a bathtub.

The new guidelines were developed after a survey conducted by the company CleanAir found that more than 90% of owners of pet vacuum cleaner owners were willing to report pet owners to police if they reported a cleaning incident.

The company said the survey results “are consistent with the results of a nationwide survey that we conducted in 2016 and 2017.”

According to CleanAir’s report, a whopping 67% of pet owners said they would report a cleaning complaint if they knew their pet was a vacuum.

This week, the FDA released a second set of guidelines that states that any pet cleaner that contains carpet cleaners or carpet cleaning liquids should be “outfitted with a warning label, a warning warning label with information about the potentially harmful ingredients, and a notification label.”

The agency added that owners of the products should also “immediately report to their local authorities any suspicious activity that may be suspected of being a violation of these safety guidelines.”

The first set of recommendations from the FDA states that owners must not leave a pet unattended while cleaning a home, and must wash their pet after cleaning and dispose of any debris or waste in the home.

Additionally, pet owners must wash the carpet cleaning products and vacuum cleaners thoroughly, as well as rinse their pet thoroughly after cleaning, to ensure they don’t get any carpet cleaning residue on the carpet.

The FDA said it was not aware of any other states that have adopted these guidelines.

The second set also recommends that pet owners keep a clean house for pets in the house to make sure they don “not inadvertently or intentionally contaminate other household items,” including carpets.

The rules also call for “continuous cleaning of the home” and “safe disposal of all household items.”


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