How to use a vacuum cleaner without using the cord

More than a dozen states are investigating the impact of cordless vacuum cleaners on residents’ health, including some with bans on the devices.The California-based company has received at least 17 complaints in five states and filed a class-action lawsuit in New York.The suit argues that the devices can cause respiratory damage, causing the vacuum cleaner to “suck the air from […]

How to clean your vacuum cleaner from your car: What to know before you go on vacation

How to properly clean your car’s air conditioner: What’s right and what’s wrong.What you need to know about your air conditioners: What you need in a replacement, when to buy, when you should replace it.Read more about air conditioning:Cleaning Your Vacuum CleanerWhen you go to vacuuming your car, make sure you have a good quality vacuum cleaner that’s designed for […]

How to Choose a Quantum Vacuum Cleaner

Buyers can save up to 80% on a vacuum cleaner watt, while those looking for the cheapest price can get the lowest wattage.The cheapest model comes in at $6,990, while the most expensive is $12,990.So what’s the difference?You can get a quantum vacuum cleaner at any price, but a quantum is a quantum.You can use it as a single unit […]

How to clean your dog’s teeth in a vacuum

If you’ve ever spent a weekend at the movies, then you probably know that vacuuming up your dog may be the ultimate hassle.But the good news is, you can actually clean your own dog’s mouth with a simple and cheap solution.In fact, a new study has found that the most common way of cleaning a dog’s toothpaste is to blow […]


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