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A new pet-friendly pet shop opens in Washington

A new pet-friendly pet shop opens in Washington

By JENNIFER D. BROWN and JULIE KELLY, APPet owners who want to bring their dogs into the house can now buy pet-safe vacuum cleaners, too.

The New York-based company is launching a new pet market called PetSafe, with a $99 minimum order.

The company said it will offer a “full line of quality pet-safer cleaning supplies” and is hoping to expand to other cities.

PetSafe is also launching a website,, where customers can choose from several different pet care products, such as dog food, dog shampoo, dog bedding and cat food.

PetSafe is offering two sizes of vacuum cleaners: the mini and the full size.

The mini comes in the size of a microwave oven and is designed to fit inside a pocket.

It’s available in two colors: yellow and green.

The full-size model is available in several sizes, including standard and large, and comes in a variety of colors.

The company’s website said it was inspired by the success of a similar pet-care store in Dallas, Texas, called PetSmart, which is offering a similar service for pet owners.

PetSmart was the first to sell vacuum cleaners in the United States.

PetSmart, based in Arlington, Texas., is the third company to open a pet market.

The first is PetSafe and PetSmart Pet Care in New York City, and the other two are PetSmart and PetSafe Plus in Boston and PetSavers in San Diego.


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