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How the ’60s Vacuum Cleaner Became an Icon of the 21st Century

How the ’60s Vacuum Cleaner Became an Icon of the 21st Century

In this episode of MTV News, the folks behind the “80s Vacuums” are on the hunt for the ultimate in cleanliness: the new super vacuum.

The “80-s Vac” is the ultimate clean machine that you can buy online or in your local hardware store for about $800.

It’s a super powerful machine that makes a huge difference in how much time you spend in your home.

It also makes a big difference in what you can do with it.

But it’s not just about cleaning up your apartment.

It has an interesting history, too.

The vacuum is the subject of a documentary film, “80’s Vacuum,” starring Matt Damon, which premieres in theaters next month.

Damon plays a vacuums manager named Mike (Damon) who is trying to make the most of his new job.

He’s not a typical manager.

He is also the son of an astronaut who had a family, which is why he’s such an expert at it.

In the movie, Damon plays Mike’s son, John (Ryan Reynolds).

But in real life, his father died during the “Space Shuttle Challenger” disaster in 1986.

The film tells the story of John and his father’s journey to space.

After his father went to space, his dad was a janitor for the International Space Station.

He had a son who would eventually become a professional astronaut.

He spent time with the space station and worked with other astronauts.

That son, now retired, was Mike.

As a janer for NASA, Mike worked in a vacuum.

That’s the type of work he had to do.

It was hard work, but he was able to earn a living.

In a movie that features his father, you can hear the sound of a vacuum being sucked by a vacuum cleaner.

When Mike and John are at NASA, he’s the one who cleans it.

So he’s able to see the real world of a guy who was able, in his career, to make a big deal about how he cleaned up the space shuttle.

That really speaks to a lot of the history of the “Vac.”

And it speaks to the way in which we use the vacuum cleaner now.

When we talk about “Vacs,” what we’re really talking about is an electrical vacuum cleaner that is powered by a generator, which means it can be operated on a timer and the generator can turn on and off, which makes it very easy to get it started and keep it going for a few minutes.

The generator also produces a little heat that can help get the vacuum running when you’re on a cold day.

The difference between the real thing and the new version is that the old one is a little bit bigger.

The new one is bigger and thicker and has a more pronounced tail, which will help keep the vacuum moving.

The original model, the “Avanti” from the early 1990s, was more of a push-pull.

It would pull on the tail to turn on the vacuum.

It didn’t have the tail, but it was pretty good for the money.

Now, the Avanti is just as powerful as the original.

The Avantis are available online and at hardware stores.

The model that comes with the vacuum is about the same size as the one you see on the cover of the new movie.

You can buy one in black or white.

It comes with a vacuum pump and two blades that you pull from the front of the vacuum to start the vacuum on a schedule.

You pull the blades off the front and start the timer.

When you’re ready to turn the timer on, you turn the tail back and it starts the vacuum cycle again.

The old Avanties had a very small tail that was really hard to reach, so it would come out a little while later than the new ones.

Now the Aventis have a much more compact tail that is very comfortable to reach.

And when you turn off the tail the timer will be off, too, which you can turn off by pulling the tail off of the tail controller.

This allows you to start your vacuum at a different time.

You have the same amount of time to clean up the apartment when you first start the vac.

The newest version, the new Avant, comes with two blades, one for the front, and one for each side of the vac, so you can use the front blades to start a cycle and the back blades to turn off.

You get to set the timer and you can start the cycle again later.

You don’t have to go to the kitchen to start cleaning, either.

You just have to pull the tail out of the rear of the Vac and start it at the front.

It doesn’t come with a timer.

It works just like the old Aventi.

The downside is that you have to use a vacuum, which costs more than it does to start. And you


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