How to make a vacuum cleaner out of your car’s exhaust system

How to make a vacuum cleaner out of your car’s exhaust system

New Delhi: The latest technology in the vacuum cleaner business is to let us clean up our cars with less effort than we do with our own, a new concept by a company in India is promising.

The vacuum cleaner-maker Vyngdao says its new concept, called the vacuum power system, is designed to save on energy and emissions while improving the quality of our vehicles and also providing us with cleaner air.

The company says its vacuum power concept is a step forward in the cleanliness industry and the first product is due to be launched in mid-March.

The concept is being developed by the company, which sells vacuum cleaners and other cleaning products.

It says the idea behind the new vacuum power is to reduce the amount of energy needed to drive the vacuum in a vehicle by 10 percent.

The system also makes the vehicle’s emissions profile more sustainable by using less energy.

The Vygax Power System is powered by a solar cell.

Vyngao says it is aiming to have its vacuum cleaner products in India by 2021, with a target of being installed in all 50 states by the end of this year.

The product is the latest in a series of clean energy innovations the company has launched in the last few years.

It also said it will be building a fleet of clean cars that will be sold in the next 12 months.

“Our aim is to provide cleaner vehicles to the public, with more energy-saving features and to reduce pollution,” said Rajan, chief executive officer of Vyggdao, in an interview with The Times of India.

He said the company plans to launch two-wheelers and a power-powered taxi in the near future.


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