Taktok vacuums have no privacy, say critics

Taktok vacuums have no privacy, say critics

Taktoks have a privacy policy that allows them to use the data from users’ photos to create and sell ads.

They also use your location to collect information about you and sell targeted ads.

But the policy does not require users to provide any personal information, and the company has never been held accountable for any privacy breaches.

Taktok also sells a variety of other devices, including a vacuuming app called Turntablack that doesn’t encrypt user data.

But Taktos privacy policy states that it does not collect or sell users’ personal data without their permission.

And the company says it is committed to protecting users’ privacy.

“Users do not have to give their consent for data collection or use, including the use of this data for any purpose,” Taktoko said in a statement.

“Our policies and practices are constantly being reviewed, adjusted and revised.

We are always working to improve our product and services, and will continue to take proactive steps to protect your privacy and security.”

The company is currently investigating whether to take legal action, according to Engadgets report.

The Consumer Privacy Forum has also raised concerns about TaktOK’s privacy policies, saying Taktols privacy policies “are not clear, and Taktoka’s privacy policy does nothing to protect you from the data collection and use of your personal information.”

Taktoki said in its privacy policy it will continue working to make its products safer and more secure.

This story has been updated with comments from Taktoky.


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