What’s the best vacuum cleaner for the baby?

What’s the best vacuum cleaner for the baby?

A mother-of-two was left baffled after her new vacuum cleaner malfunctioned and caused her to miss out on the best holiday she could have imagined.

The baby girl’s father, a medical doctor, had purchased the vacuum cleaner online from Amazon and then tried to vacuum it but was left in a daze by the fact that it had been running continuously for a week.

He then took it back to the shop, where it ran off the battery and had to be returned to Amazon.

I was devastated and I felt betrayed.” “

I had an extremely pleasant time at the holiday, I was excited about going to the beach and it all went wrong.

I was devastated and I felt betrayed.”

The mother-in-law, who has a toddler, was left upset when she realised the vacuum had been out of action for more than a week, and the company had not yet returned it.

She said she was shocked that the company would not take the issue seriously.

The mother has since spoken to Amazon to complain about the company’s failure to provide the product.

Amazon said: “We have heard of customer complaints about some of our products but we do not have any plans to change how we store and manage our customers’ data.”

We are constantly working to improve our product experience for customers.

“Amazon will not take complaints about the delivery of our product seriously and we are working closely with Amazon Customer Care to help resolve these issues.”

Amazon said that all of its products, including its Prime Instant Video streaming service, were “fully functional and running properly at all times”, adding that it would look into customer complaints.

“We are continually working to make our products and services as convenient as possible for our customers, but we will not tolerate customer abuse and take it very seriously,” it said.


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