When will Xiaomi and Amazon vacuums finally go to war?

When will Xiaomi and Amazon vacuums finally go to war?

A new war is brewing between Xiaomi and the Chinese tech giant, with both companies threatening to sue each other for allegedly infringing patents.

The stakes could not be higher for both companies, as Xiaomi’s newest product, the Xiaomi Cloud, has set the stage for a potentially epic battle with Amazon, which is set to release a new $100 smart vacuum on June 5.

The two firms have been sparring in recent months, with Xiaomi accusing Amazon of infringing on a patent owned by Xiaomi that allows the company to control the vacuum’s performance and use of a different vacuum type.

Amazon has denied any infringement, but it has taken Xiaomi to court, with the latter claiming that Xiaomi’s products infringe on a number of patents that Amazon owns.

The latest patent dispute comes as Xiaomi continues to improve its cloud vacuuming capabilities, and has reportedly begun to introduce new products and technologies.

The new products from Xiaomi include the Mi Cloud, which can be used for cleaning the home, office and other indoor spaces, and the Mi Clean, which will be released on June 6.

Xiaomi says the Mi Cool is a compact, energy-saving, and efficient smart vacuum, while the Mi Vaporte, which resembles a traditional vacuum cleaner but is designed to be more affordable, is meant to help people who want to save money on their cleaning.

The Mi Cool will be available on June 3 for $89, while Mi Voporte is expected to go on sale on June 10 for $159.

The vacuum itself is a slightly more powerful version of Xiaomi’s Mi Cloud vacuum, which has an 8-watt motor that produces a low-energy, low-pressure air stream to clean your home.

The company also recently unveiled the Mi Solo, a cheaper version of its Mi Cool vacuum, that is meant for cleaning office cubicles, and will be priced at $69 on June 12.

Xiaomi is expected in the coming months to release its new product, which could be an upgraded version of the Mi Duo vacuum.

The other competing vacuum from Xiaomi is the Xiaomi Vapour Plus, which was released in the spring and is designed for cleaning rooms.

The Xiaomi Voparto is also a much cheaper, less powerful version than the Mi Cushion, but Xiaomi claims that its products are superior in quality, and it is expected that Xiaomi will launch a new model of its Cushions in the next couple of months.

While the vacuum wars are likely to be a high-stakes battle between the two companies, Xiaomi has also been a strong proponent of patents.

Xiaomi launched its first patent infringement lawsuit in January 2017, which resulted in the dismissal of an earlier patent infringement case that was brought against the company.

In June, Xiaomi filed another lawsuit against a Japanese company, claiming that the company had infringed on a variety of patents in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In November 2017, Xiaomi won a $5.4 million patent infringement settlement with Google, which included a $1 million payment in damages and a $10 million payment to Google in exchange for agreeing to stop distributing the patent in India.

Xiaomi has yet to officially announce a successor to its Mi Cloud and Mi Cool vacuumes.

The next major competitor to Xiaomi is Amazon.

The e-commerce giant has already introduced its own vacuum, the Alexa Roomba, which uses an eight-watter motor that can clean up your home, and is available on the market for $99.

Xiaomi’s Cloud vacuum is expected on June 18, while Xiaomi’s Vaparto will be on sale in the US and Canada on June 13.

Xiaomi and its Chinese rivals are likely hoping that the battle over patents will help their sales, as they could gain a bigger slice of the US market.


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