‘Possibly the biggest disaster I’ve seen’: Inside the devastating blast at the UK’s biggest steelworks

‘Possibly the biggest disaster I’ve seen’: Inside the devastating blast at the UK’s biggest steelworks

On September 5, a blast in the north east of England killed at least 29 people and injured more than 300 others. 

More than 1,200 workers were also injured. 

The explosion took place at the Royal Sheffield Steelworks in the town of Ashford. 

As the BBC reports, the blast “destroyed a number of floors, damaged or destroyed some buildings, and caused a massive fireball in the air”. 

The site was evacuated, and the building’s emergency response plan was rolled out. 

There are currently no immediate reports of any fatalities, but the BBC notes that the blast could have been caused by a fire in the facility. 

The building is now being used to house some of the company’s future industrial operations. “

The cause of this fire is currently under investigation, and our investigation is continuing.”

The building is now being used to house some of the company’s future industrial operations. 

While the blast was devastating, the disaster may have also been avoided if the workers at the facility had had the training and equipment to deal with such a catastrophic incident. 

Here are five ways the workers of the RSM were prepared for the disaster. 


Workers were warned about the dangers of high pressure gas. 

Before the blast, the BBC reported that the workers were told to wear safety gear and to “not work in confined spaces with pressure over 60 psig” when working in the building. 

However, the building was not designed to handle the pressure of an explosion, so the workers had no idea how high the pressure would go before they got caught in it. 

According to the BBC, the Rsm’s management told workers in their training manual: “We recommend you wear a mask, because the pressure is not really high, and we suggest you wear an open-face respirator. 

So they were told not to wear masks.”2. 

Steelworkers were instructed to wear respirators to protect themselves from inhaling high levels of carbon monoxide. 

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that can cause breathing difficulties. 

In a statement from the Rsh, the local authorities said: “It is a very dangerous gas and the RSH’s standard is that you should wear a respirator with you.”3. 

It was also advised that workers were required to wear gloves when handling and handling hazardous materials. 

Although the BBC noted that this was not a mandatory requirement, it was nonetheless important for the workers. 

Some workers said that it was a common practice in the industry to wear a pair of gloves to handle potentially dangerous materials, and that “in many ways, it’s a safety thing”. 


One worker was told that they should wear masks while working in certain areas. 

BBC reporter Nick Bevan reported that at least one worker was asked to remove his mask while working on a steel assembly line. 

He said that he “woke up to a loud explosion”. 

“There were explosions all over the place. 

I thought I was going to die,” he told the BBC. 


Two of the workers had special masks to protect them from high pressure air. 

Despite these precautions, it wasn’t until the next day that they were allowed to work again. 

This is how it was described by one worker: There were lots of people there, and I went up and down the line, trying to figure out where I was supposed to put my mask. 

And the mask had a little bit of a hole in it, and there were people on the other side of it with a little rubber band around their neck. 

They said it was going up and up, and up and, and down and down. 

(They were later told that their mask had been ripped off during the explosion.)

“The people on my line were wearing masks because they were in protective gear,” the worker said. 


An employee was told to take extra precautions to protect themselves. 

Several of the injured workers were seen to have their masks ripped off by people trying to remove their masks. 


Many of the people on duty were wearing face masks.

The BBC reports that many of the injuries to workers involved with the blast were to their faces. 

Reuters news agency quoted an unnamed worker as saying: It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen. 

We were all just trying to get to work, and all of a sudden I saw people who had masks on and had a lot of blood coming out of their mouths, and blood coming down their face. 


Crowds of people were gathered outside the building to watch the rescue operation. 

When the building began to open, the media was allowed in and the public was able to watch. 


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