How to get rid of the smells from your razors

How to get rid of the smells from your razors

When your razor gets dirty or gets dinged, you might be tempted to wash it off with water and soap.

But the idea is wrong.

Razors can be an excellent cleaner for the environment.

They also have many other uses, such as cleaning your teeth, cleaning your skin and reducing the risk of cancer.

But there are risks.

You could end up with a greasy, rancid residue on your hands or the floor of your shower.

And the fumes from a dry razor could have an adverse effect on your breath.

So to avoid that, you’ll need to wash your razer at home, in a safe way, with an essential oil.

We decided to give you a simple step-by-step guide to cleaning your raza with essential oils.

Step 1.

Put your razzle-dazzle razor in a small bowl or jar.

Step 2.

Place your razor in a bucket of water or a spray bottle, and let it sit for at least five minutes.

Step 3.

Rinse the razor in the same solution.

Step 4.

Pour the essential oil solution into the razer and allow it to sit for five minutes to allow it time to absorb the essential oils, which will help to keep your raze free of any dirt.

Step 5.

After the five minutes has passed, rinse the raza again in the water or spray bottle.

You’ll also need to use a razor brush to remove any residue that might be left on the razor.


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