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The Trump administration is backing off on a ban on the importation of vacuum cleaners from countries that don’t ban them

The Trump administration is backing off on a ban on the importation of vacuum cleaners from countries that don’t ban them

The Trump Administration is reversing its decision to ban the import of vacuum cleaner from countries where they are not allowed.

The Trump administration announced Tuesday it will allow for the importations of the vacuum cleaner as long as the products are not “intended for use in hazardous environments,” according to a White House statement.

“The Administration is confident that all countries will continue to abide by the U.S. ban on imports of dangerous and toxic materials,” the statement read.

In the meantime, the Trump administration will not ban the sale of the products.

For now, however, there is no indication that the White House will revisit its ban on importation.

Earlier this month, the U to try to block the import.

A week later, the president issued a second executive order banning the import and sale of vacuum pumps and other products that could damage the environment.

While that order may not have prevented the import, it still caused a huge uproar among environmental groups, who argued that the ban violated the Clean Air Act and the Constitution.

After months of delays, the White Houses office of the U S Trade Representative said on Thursday that the Trump Administration was going to lift the ban on vacuum cleaners, which are meant to be used in household cleaning.

President Trump’s executive order on vacuum cleaner importation was lifted by the Trump office of TISA. — The Hill (@thehill) February 12, 2021Trump administration lifts ban on buying vacuum cleaners for US — The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) February 15, 2021The order also allowed the import for certain products, including vacuum cleaners and cleaning products for personal care products, like hair products.

“As the Administration continues to review the impact of these actions, it will continue taking additional actions to ensure that the Government of the United States is fully complying with the Clean Water Act, the Clean Energy Act, and other environmental and health regulations,” the White houses office of trade and investment said in a statement.


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