What you need to know about the $400 bagless vacuum cleaning machine

What you need to know about the $400 bagless vacuum cleaning machine

Updated September 16, 2018 07:50:24A $400 vacuum cleaner that can hold its own against some of the most popular brands on the market has a new contender in the bagless category.

The Hitachi Vacuum Cleaner online has been launched by a small Chinese startup called Bamboo, which has also announced a new vacuum cleaner with an “automatically adjusts” feature.

The new Bamboo vacuum cleaner is currently available for purchase in a few countries, including the US, China and India, with other markets slated to come soon.

“We’ve been waiting for the right time to launch a high-quality vacuum cleaner for over a year,” said Bamboo founder Yu Yong, who has been working on the Bamboo model since March.

“In the last few months, we’ve been working to improve the user interface, optimize the features and reduce the number of steps needed to clean the inside of the bag.”

Yu said the company has already seen interest from customers in India, where the Bionic is available for sale.

“The user experience is very good, and the price is quite reasonable,” Yu said.

“It is also very convenient, as it can be used in any room.”

The Bamboo machine is able to do a “cleaning sweep” that uses an automatic mechanism.

Yu said that a small “button” in the front of the machine controls a “bamboo” system that automatically adjusts the vacuum to allow for cleaner and cleaner-free usage.

“This makes it very easy for users to use it, without having to worry about dirty air,” Yu added.

“Bamboo is a very innovative company, with a strong team that is always improving their product.”

The Hitachis vacuum cleaner also has an “easy-to-use interface” that is designed to “bring clean air to the inside,” Yu explained.

“To achieve this, we made a unique design feature that allows you to adjust the pressure of the vacuum.

It is also the only vacuum cleaner we know that can be installed in a pocket.”

The new model also comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to five years, which means the battery will last a long time in use.

Yu explained that the battery can be charged by placing the vacuum cleaner in a charge cradle that holds it on a shelf.

The battery can also be replaced at any time with a USB port.

The Bionic Bamboo has been available in the US for about a year, but now the company is looking to expand the company’s reach to other markets.

“At the moment, we have not received any orders from other countries yet, so we have to wait until the demand for our products is greater,” Yu told ABC News.

“But I think the customer base in the United States will grow and continue to increase.”

Yu added that the company would continue to develop new features for the Bongi Bamboo and will also be expanding the product range.

“I have a vision for Bamboo to become the leading vacuum cleaner company in the world.”


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