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When Hyla goes viral, it’s worth taking note of the real-world consequences

When Hyla goes viral, it’s worth taking note of the real-world consequences

With an estimated $150 million in sales last year, Hylas popularity has exploded on social media and the Internet.

But the vacuum cleaner has been hit with a barrage of complaints over the past few months from customers who are concerned about the noise and dust it makes.

According to a post on Reddit by customer Jason, the noise was “tearing the clothes off my daughter’s face,” and “making my ears bleed.”

One woman complained that she “had to take a break from my work because I had to stop the water pump” while others were “worried about my dog’s cough,” and others complained of “tear gas, tear gas, and more tear gas.”

A Hylaclut’s website states that the noise can be a nuisance, but that it has been proven that the vacuum cleaners use different filters for different types of dust, which may be responsible for some of the complaints.

But even if the vacuum cleaning is a legitimate concern, there are other ways to mitigate its impact.

Hylas website includes a handy chart detailing how it has worked with local governments to reduce its noise, and it even includes tips on cleaning up after it, like cleaning your hair, using a cloth to wipe the dust off your face and wiping your feet to remove any dirt.

It’s worth noting that the company does not offer a warranty on its products, so customers are encouraged to take the product back if they’re unsatisfied with its performance.

“We believe that by making our products and our customer service our priority, we are able to provide the highest quality service to our customers,” the company wrote in an email to Business Insider.

The company did not respond to BusinessInsider’s request for comment.


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