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What’s in a name? What’s wrong with the Vacuum Cleaner name?

What’s in a name? What’s wrong with the Vacuum Cleaner name?

A few months after we started hearing rumors of a new Vacuum-o-matic, the brand has officially announced that its new Vacum-o and Vacuum cleaner, named the Vaco-o, will be released on March 18th, 2017. 

The brand also revealed that the Vac-o will be available in six colors and a number of sizes, which is pretty cool, given that the original model only offered a two-pack of 18.

This new model will cost $699, but we won’t know how much until the brand shares more details later this year.

The company is also making a lot of new Vac-O-matic accessories for people to take to work, play, or school.

This is especially important given that many of these devices are made for the office.

We’ve already seen a bunch of these gadgets on the market, and now we’ll see the new models come to life as well.

The new Vaco will come with a 2,000mAh battery and can handle up to two hours of continuous use.

The original model also included a 5-hour battery, but this model has a 1,200mAh battery.

You can also upgrade the Vacos battery to 3,000mah for up to 8 hours of usage.

We’re hoping the new model is going to bring some of that new battery life to the Vacuums already impressive battery life, as well as adding some new features to its sleek look.

It’s not just the new design that will be different, either.

The Vacuum cleaning system is also going to be a little more powerful.

The brand is offering a 1.5-liter motor that’s supposed to help to keep the vacuum cleaner clean, and that will also allow you to keep your Vacuum up to 20% quieter.

There are also new vacuum cleaner filters that will allow you the Vacus to filter down to 0.01 microns.

The company is hoping these new filters will help you keep your vacuums clean longer, but you should definitely take these with a grain of salt.

The only new feature of the new Vacuum-O is a new button on the bottom of the device that can be used to change the temperature of the vacuum, so you can use it to heat up your room.

You’ll be able to set it to 60°C for up 12 hours, for example, and the device will automatically adjust to the temperature that you set.

The vacuum cleaner will also have a new LED light that turns on when the temperature is set to 120°C, which will let you know when the battery is running low.

The brand also plans to introduce a new charging mode that will let the Vacuo stay charged for up 10 hours.

There’s also an upgraded version of the Vacum that will charge in two hours, so there will be no need to use a USB charger.

The name for this new model, Vacuum Auto, will only be revealed once the new name is revealed.


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