How to fix your vacuum cleaner’s clogged filter

A vacuum cleaner that clogs the filter can cost you more than a new one.Here are a few tips on fixing the problem and cleaning it up. 1.Install a new filter that does not clog the filter.2.Install the filter in the correct position.3.Remove the old filter and replace it. 4.Install new filter in position that is the same as the […]

‘It’s like having a million kids’: Tiktoku’s new filter removes harmful bacteria from its product

A new filter from the Japanese brand Tiktok is now available to the public, and it’s supposed to help prevent some of the most common health problems that plague our oceans and seas.Tiktokin is one of Japan’s leading makers of filter cleaners and has long been credited with developing some of its most advanced products, including the AquaVac.The AquaVacs are […]

How to save your garage vacuum cleaner?

Worsx is a major brand of vacuum cleaners and the name is synonymous with its products.The Milwaukee brand is the newest and the most popular.Worsxs products are designed for indoor and outdoor use and include vacuums, dishwashers, dishwashing machines, washing machines and vacuuming accessories.But the Milwaukee brand has seen some popularity in the past year, especially among women.Here’s how to […]

What’s in your vacuum cleaner?

When you’re buying a new vacuum cleaner for the first time, you may have thought it would be a quick and easy process to sort out what it’s made of, what it will do, and how much money it will cost.But you may be surprised to learn that the vast majority of new vacuum cleaners are not the high-tech, air-cooled, […]

The 5 best travel-friendly vacuum cleaners

BOSTON — The best travel vacuum cleaners for 2017 include the new Bosch Quiet V3, the new Silent, and the Bosch S7 and S7 Plus, according to the latest market research from U.S. consumer analytics company The NPD Group.The market research firm said it’s the first time it’s analyzed the 2018 travel-specific vacuum market and found the Boscs Quiet V2 […]


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