How to avoid being a robot in your garage?

An all-new vacuum cleaner is being developed by a company in the United States, with hopes it could be the world’s first self-driving vacuum cleaner.The company, called Gugul, says the Gugulo can be programmed to deliver different levels of vacuum and has been in the development stage since 2015.Its makers say it can deliver a high level of cleaning without […]

Hackers have stolen more than 3 million credit cards, more than a third of the total number stolen, from a credit card company

Hacker News article Hacker news – The latest in a series of hackings that are targeting a range of online services including credit card companies.Hackers are currently targeting Visa and Mastercard, the latter of which has been hit with over $10 million in stolen funds from a hack last week. On Wednesday, two hackers stole the stolen funds on an online […]

How to draw a vacuum cleaner drawing

If you’ve ever drawn a vacuum cleaning machine, you know that the paint is the most important part of the job.And for the most part, you don’t have to worry about making sure that your work doesn’t look cheap.In fact, it’s one of the easiest parts of drawing a vacuum machine.Here are a few tips to make sure that it […]

Why do kids love the tank vacuum cleaner?

The latest craze in the kids’ toy industry is a product that is so cute it’s even cute.According to The Next Weasel, a website for parents, there are over 10 million “tank vacuum cleaners” on the market, which sell for $40.But they’re often not so cute.The kids love them because they make them look like they’re so much fun.The Next […]

Why is my thermostat on 24/7?

I was looking for a new thermostatic thermostatically controlled refrigerator.After looking into a couple of things, I decided to go with a cheap but decent brand of thermostats from Huggies.I found one that was rated to work with my thertopat.After a couple days, I went to the hardware store to see if I could get a new one.The owner of […]


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