Which one is the best?

In this video, I go over my thoughts on the Bissell vacuum cleaning brand and which model to buy based on their performance.I also cover the pros and cons of Bissell’s newer models and the pros of each brand.Buy Bissell vacuums in our store today, or save over $100 when you subscribe to our newsletter.Bissell Vacuum Cleaners: The Pros and […]

The Trump administration is backing off on a ban on the importation of vacuum cleaners from countries that don’t ban them

The Trump Administration is reversing its decision to ban the import of vacuum cleaner from countries where they are not allowed.The Trump administration announced Tuesday it will allow for the importations of the vacuum cleaner as long as the products are not “intended for use in hazardous environments,” according to a White House statement.“The Administration is confident that all countries […]

How to buy a Windtunnel Vacuum cleaner

How to purchase a Wind Tunnel vacuum cleaner.The vacuum cleaner can be purchased online and in the local shops.It comes in two versions: one that costs Rs. 8,000 and one that starts at Rs. 5,000.Here’s how to buy one of the two.1.A local shop that sells online:  The Wind Tunnel Vacuum Cleaner is a cheaper model.Its cheaper than the one […]

How to vacuum a car without getting in trouble

Vacuum cleaners are no longer a luxury, but now are a necessity in the car-dominated U.S.A. and across the globe.But the question remains: How do you find the best vacuum cleaner to get you the most bang for your buck?Here are our top tips to get your home cleaning done without a scratch.1.Get the right size vacuum cleaner.The most common […]

Roomba vacuums are a great choice

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner to get the job done, there’s one you’ve probably been searching for.The Roombas are pretty much the hottest things on the market right now, with sales up by 25% year-over-year in 2017.You can pick up the Roombat for as little as £199 and you can’t beat the price.If you want the best bang […]

Why a new face scrubber may save you money on facial creams and body wash

Facial scrubs are one of the most common face cleaning items, and the products that can do it are quite varied.We’ll look at three types of facial scrubs, but we’ll start with the classic ones.1.Facial scrub with a gel-like substance2.Facials scrub with water3.Facially scrub with soapA face scrub with an antibacterial, oil-based ingredient that’s used to remove dead skin cells, […]

How to fix your stihls vacuum cleaner

The new stihling vacuum cleaner from Stihl is designed for cleaning up the stihlings and other household items in your home.Stihl has a reputation for making the best stihlers in the business, and the new stiehs are no different.It has been tested by more than a million people to find out if they work, and it has been rated top […]

How to install vacuum cleaner cover

The vacuum cleaner you get in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room could be the first thing that needs cleaning.We’ve covered the basics here at HomeDepot.com, but you may want to start thinking about the things you own and what kind of accessories you need to keep your home tidy.But what if you have a vacuum cleaner that is […]


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